White Label SEO Reports

Expand your customer reach by generating eye-catching, customized PDF reports through your exclusive White Label SEO Audit Tool.

Craft Reports with Your Unique Branding

Just add your logo, pick colors, and enter your company info. Create sleek White Label SEO Reports with language that's clear and compelling, prompting action. Perfect for Digital Agencies, Web Designers, and SEO Experts looking to wow clients and prospects with impressive Site Audits.

Advantages of Using a White Label SEO Audit Report:

Brand Uniformity:

Ensure a consistent brand appearance by personalizing the SEO audit report with your logo, colors, and company details.

Professional Impression:

Make a professional impact on clients and potential customers with refined and expertly crafted White Label SEO Reports, highlighting your proficiency.

Clear Communication:

Convey intricate SEO insights effectively through reports with language that is both clear and persuasive, encouraging action and comprehension.


Suited for a range of professionals such as Digital Agencies, Web Designers, and SEO Experts, offering a versatile tool applicable across various industries.

Client Confidence:

Foster trust with clients by providing transparent and remarkable Site Audits, showcasing your dedication to their online success.

Efficiency Boost:

Save time and streamline your workflow by employing a simplified process to generate customized reports.

Competitive Edge:

Stand out in the market by presenting visually appealing and insightful White Label SEO Reports that surpass standard audit offerings.

Client Retention:

Retain clients by consistently delivering branded reports that underscore the value of your SEO services.

Marketing Tool:

Leverage White Label SEO Reports as a potent marketing asset, illustrating the effectiveness of your strategies to attract new clientele.

Customer Satisfaction:

Exceed client expectations by providing comprehensive and visually engaging insights into their website's performance.

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Jackie Sanders

AI Tech Inc.

“Mojha's 1 Click SEO Audit has completely transformed my SEO game! I used to rely on another plugin, but since discovering Mojha, it has become my go-to, one-stop solution for all SEO audit tasks.”

Nick Jhonshon

Bridge AI Inc.

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Abhishek Kumar

Virinchi Software Pvt Ltd.

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SRV Media Pvt ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A White Label SEO Audit Report is a customized and branded analysis of a website's SEO performance, tailored to match your brand identity.

It enhances your professional image by delivering polished reports to clients, showcasing your expertise and strengthening client trust.

You can personalize the report with your logo, preferred colors, and company details, ensuring a consistent brand presentation.

Yes, it caters to a variety of professionals such as Digital Agencies, Web Designers, and SEO Experts, offering versatility in different industries.

The report covers a comprehensive analysis of the website's SEO, including strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, presented in clear language.

The tool streamlines the report generation process, allowing you to produce professional reports efficiently without compromising on quality.

Absolutely. The White Label SEO Report serves as a powerful marketing asset, demonstrating the effectiveness of your SEO strategies to attract new clients.

The final branded report can be shared digitally or in print, making it easy to present to clients or stakeholders.

Yes, delivering consistent, high-quality reports reinforces client satisfaction and contributes to long-term client relationships.

Yes, the tool is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to navigate and customize reports with ease.

The White Label SEO Audit Tool works by allowing you to customize it with your brand details. After inputting relevant data, the tool analyzes various aspects of a website's SEO, generating a clear and personalized report. The report, crafted in accessible language, highlights strengths and weaknesses. Finally, it is branded with your logo and company details for professional presentation and can be easily shared with clients or stakeholders.

White label SEO creates a professional impression by customizing reports with your branding, using clear language, and presenting insights in a polished manner.