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Who Are We?

We are a team of digital marketers and technologists who are passionate about helping businesses achieve their online goals. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge SEO tools and resources that can help businesses improve their search engine ranking and drive more organic traffic to their website

Mojha is founded by Amibba Systems Private Limited in 2022. Mojha has a large collection of SEO & website development tools that provide a comprehensive guide for webmasters in website development and their SEO. We at Mojha.com, are committed to providing best-in-class online tools to ensure a perfect website development & perfect SEO.

Our team has years of experience in the industry and has been using and testing various SEO tools and techniques to stay ahead of the curve. With the ever-evolving search engine algorithms and the increasing competition in the digital space, we believe that having the right tools and resources is essential to succeed online.

We have carefully curated and tested the best SEO tools available in the market, and have made them accessible to businesses of all sizes through our user-friendly platform. Our tools are designed to be easy to use and understand, while still providing accurate and valuable insights into your website's search performance.

Whether you're a small business owner, a digital marketer, or an SEO professional, our tools and resources can help you achieve your online goals and stay ahead of the competition. So why wait? Start optimizing your website today with our powerful SEO tools!

Here are 3 working steps to optimize your SEO projects.



Crafting a Powerful SEO Plan.



Fine-tuning Your Website for Maximum Visibility.



Achieving Top Rankings and Outperforming Your Competitors.

How It Works?

Mojha's SEO tools are designed to help website owners and digital marketers improve their search engine optimization efforts.

Mojha's SEO tools work by analyzing various aspects of a website's performance and providing insights and recommendations to improve its search engine optimization. These tools perform tasks such as website analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page optimization, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and reporting. They examine factors like site structure, content quality, keyword relevance, backlink profile, and search engine rankings.

By gathering and analyzing data, SEO tools offer valuable insights and suggestions for optimizing web pages, targeting relevant keywords, building high-quality backlinks, and monitoring progress. With their help, website owners and marketers can enhance their SEO strategies and improve their online visibility and organic search rankings.

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What We Do?

Our SEO service is tailor-made to cater to your unique requirements..

On-Site Audit

Perform a detailed analysis and optimization of your website with our comprehensive online website audit software.

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Rank Tracking

Unleash the Power of Advanced Keyword Analysis and Rank Tracking Tools for Effective Keyword Analysis and Ranking Monitoring.

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Backlink Checker

Efficiently analyze and monitor your website's backlinks with our reliable and user-friendly backlink checker tool.

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Plugins & Extensions

Power up your website with Mojha's WordPress plugins and browser extensions for seamless optimization and enhanced features.

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Our Team.

Our team is committed to creating developer-friendly, powerful, and comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of website creation and SEO. Our team is headed by people with work experience in top MNCs like Google, Amazon, and Adobe.

At mojha.com, we are proud to have a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping businesses succeed in the digital space. With a combination of technical expertise, marketing knowledge, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our team is committed to delivering the best possible tools and resources to our users.

Our CEO, Manjesh Ojha, is a seasoned digital marketer with a track record of success in helping businesses achieve their online goals. With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, and is committed to driving innovation and excellence at our company.

Our team of designers, developers, and support specialists work together to provide our users with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the digital space. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they are always available to answer questions, provide support, and help our users achieve their online goals.

So whether you're a small business owner, a digital marketer, or an SEO professional, our team at SEO Tool Website is here to help. Let us help you achieve your online goals and succeed in the digital space!"

Manjesh Ojha

CEO & Founder

Experienced tech leader with a strong background in building software products, shaping product vision, and implementing technical strategies. Delivered scalable architectures at scale during a decade-long tenure at Adobe and Amazon.

With his profound expertise in SEO, he has played a pivotal role in assisting thousands of webmasters in optimizing their websites, leading to increased traffic through Google search.

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